Winter Garden in Portland: Week 3

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Fall Is Here in A Few Days, People!

Winter Garden in Portland

Here is the official deal on what we planted: in box number one, which receives a decent amount of morning and then evening sun right about now, we’ve got:

  • Premium Crop Broccoli, featuring 8″ heads
  • Roquette, which is a type of larger-leaf arugula (in the middle)
  • then on the right, in front there is Arugula (standard variety)
  • and in the back on the right, Black Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce

Not sure how much longer there’s going to be sun, so we’re going to start pulling and eating these greens in salad soon, and then hope the crop replenishes itself through the fall and into winter. Otherwise, we’ll have to see what might be next, if things don’t work out.

Are Those Beets Struggling, or Is It Just Me?

This spot is just to the right of the first box, but it’s getting less sun. Between the shade from a giant tree in the backyard, holding on to its leaves quite greedily, and the fern next to it, those poor beets are working extra hard.

Winter Garden in Portland

Here’s the exact varieties of what’s in box #2:

  • the two on the left are called Bull’s Blood Beets
  • and on the right, 6 Leeks known as Prize Taker, an English heirloom variety

Last, I’ve been noticing a decent run so far, with little interruption from slugs. Maybe two, max, in a few weeks. BUT — what are the little critter footsteps and strange half-dug holes that keep appearing by the time the sun comes up in the morning? We’re thinking about boxing this area in, and draping chicken wire over the top to see if that prevents the animals from walking through there…

If you’ve gotten the winter crops planted already, leave us a comment below and let us know what you chose to plant. Or share a link below, so we can take a look at your blog too.

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