Winter Garden in Portland: Week 1

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Here Comes the Rain in PDX: Switching the Beds Over to Greens

Winter Garden in Portland, OR Week 1

Fall is already, whether we like it or not, most certainly in the air. This morning when I stepped outside, I could just smell it. Not sure exactly how it ought to be described, but it was there, undeniable and dry, slightly windy, maybe the smell of leaves going to oranges and reds and yellows.

Well — we didn’t exactly do that great with the zucchini this season, but live and learn. After a great start with beautiful blossoms, and a giant piece of squash early on (we picked it a bit too soon, even though it was giant already), we had problems with slight mildew, and I think the plant never quite recovered after that, despite spraying the leaves daily with salt/baking soda/ water solution and hoping for the best. So we pulled it and dressed the soil for a week or so, pulling out the fibrous remains from our juicer every day, and mixing that in with some nicely composted soil from the nursery.

While I love growing tomatoes, truly, the winter crops are where my heart lies. Salad leafy greens, onions and garlic, broccoli, beets, and more — tons of things that make for great cooking when the winter sets in and the air gets chilly. Inside the box above, starting from left: 3 broccoli starters; then 6 starters of a leafy, spicy arugula variety; then in the back, another leafy green (I’ll write down the name when I update the garden posts next week); with a clump of another even spicier baby arugula variety. We tasted the arugula varieties already, and they are beyond dee-lish!

Right Next to the Box, a Little Patch of Newly Cultivated Soil

A little patch of reflected light bounces off the second story of the house, gently illuminating a pair of beet plants, and half a dozen leeks:

Beets and Leeks in Portland Winter Garden, Week 1

Beautiful beets on the left, although it looks like they’re getting a bit trampled by squirrels every other day. Going to have to box this patch in, and maybe cover it with chicken wire until it starts to rain and the little guys head for the hills. More on that in the upcoming weeks too. Then to the right, you’re looking at 6 little leeks starts, which have a growth/harvest time of about 60 or so days. That should get us straightened away for the holidays, so that we might make homemade potato leek soup with veggies from the garden. We’ll be sharing a recipe, too, so don’t worry.

If you’ve gotten the winter crops planted already, leave us a comment below and let us know what you chose to plant. Or share a link below, so we can take a look at your blog too.

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