What Is Sustainable or Green Design

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Defining Green Design: What Exactly Is Meant by Sustainable Design?

Green and Sustainable DesignGreen Design. Sustainable Design. They are more than related; in fact, they’re same thing. In defining the “term,” consider the two words — you have your definition. It is the design process with not only a physical foundation built towards sustainability, but a complete ideology towards sustainability.

In other words, Green Design can encompass the complete and total effort to imagine, design and construct entire communities and cities that are Eco-Friendly, socially and environmentally responsible. Pretty cool, huh?

What Green Design Entails
Many think of solar panels when they hear the term Green Design, but the concept stems far beyond what we can simply see or use to produce sustainable and/or renewable sources of power. That is, of course, part of the equation, but just a part.

E.F. Schumacher perhaps best suggested the movement in the 1973 collection of published essays, “Small Is Beautiful.” In his early writings, he called to light the fact that the United States economy was not sustainable — that so many things treated as expendable income, such as fossil fuels, should be treated as capital. Some 30 years later, people are finally beginning to take notice.

Green Design has launched campaigns and opportunities in many areas of commerce, from real estate to the automotive industry. This movement began on the coasts, and has quickly spread toward the center of the United States. From organic food to organic clothing, Eco-friendly furniture and alternative and renewable sources of power, Green Design holds the potential to reshape the way the world lives.

Early Sustainable Design In Modern Technology
It’s worth noting that when the movement reaches America’s heartland, there will be several farmers and land lovers telling their nearby friends, “I told ya so.” These ideas aren’t new. Though new developments are in a constant pattern of development, it was well over 100 years ago when Rudolph Diesel invented an engine capable of running on renewable resources, now capable of running on any rich vegetable oil.

Green Design has germinated from minds that have refused to be captured in the box. Now that such a movement is seen as essential, the thought of what was once “outside the box” is being accepted as mainstream. The power of potential is infectious within a capitalist society — at least it has been in the past — and shows “potential” to offer the same in the future.

Who Are the World’s Top Green Designers?
The world over, there are those who have made sustainable living and design and absolute necessity in their professional endeavors. From interior design to civil engineering, the sustainable mindset is not only offering a heartfelt “thanks” to the planet, but some of the most progressive visual designs and practical applications can be found in the world today.

Eric Corey Freed, Organic Architect
The World’s Top Green 

Eric Corey Freed has given his professional life to push the boundaries of building, while blasting through the barriers of traditional building materials, energy consumption and social effect. His desire to offer sustainable alternatives to clients has made his company, organicArchitect, a leader in the world of Green Design.

The World’s Top Green 

Interior Design

Gore Design Co.
Another company pushing the boundaries of contemporary design while happily married to sustainability, the Gore Design Co. specializes in custom concrete features for the home, including counter-tops, sinks and furniture. Their Signature Erosion Sink has helped launched the company into the spotlight of many interior design conversations.

Smith & Fong plyboo
Innovators in the world of bamboo production, this company started by two friends has become more than a great place to purchase contemporary and conversational hardwood floors. Check out their line of Neapolitan flooring and you’ll immediately see that they do things differently.

The World’s Top Green Organic Clothing

You’ll find a variety of clothing to choose from, whether looking for organic t-shirts, skirts, dresses and plenty more.

Ways to Get Involved
Some of the easiest ways to get involved in this industry is to get involved with those who are already actively a part of it. By perhaps taking classes from the people previously mentioned or finding local workshops about sustainable design. After doing these things, should you decide that you are interested in obtaining a bachelor degree in interior design, check out the college local to you or learn a little more about Online degree programs.

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