What Is Meant by the Term "Eco Friendly"?

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Defining Eco-Friendly in Practical Terms
Ecology and Carbon Footprint
It’s not as if we don’t know what Eco-friendly is… but then again, what exactly is it? Being environmentally aware? Eating organic? Living a green lifestyle and driving a hybrid vehicle?

It’s a back-to-basics day at Easy Ways to Go Green!

Well, sure, it’s all of those things, but these green branches reach far beyond what you can do, into the world of what you do for others and others do for you.

To define the Eco in Eco Friendly, it simply serves as a variation of the word ecology. To more importantly define Ecology: It is the scientific study of living organisms, their distribution, abundance and interaction with other organisms within their environment.

That’s somewhat of a 10 cent definition, but sometimes simplicity drives the most complex points home in a way that everyone can easily understand. Ultimately, being Eco Friendly means that you’re considerate of your environment and the living organisms around you, as you would hope they would have that same respect for you — the ecological golden rule, if you will.

Everyone Can Be Eco Friendly

Eco Friendliness is truly something for everyone, and out of necessity, some of the most “simple” world citizens subscribe to the philosophy. Yet the unfortunate truth lies in the fact that Eco Friendliness doesn’t always equate to convenience in a thriving, advanced world society.

In a way, it falls into the “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” category. Everyone has the opportunity and ability to do what’s necessary to become Eco Friendly, but it takes some effort. From recycling to purchasing products that are, here it is again, Eco Friendly, whether it’s household cleaning items or major appliances, everyone can participate, and all it’s going to take is a bit of re-education.

The CUR, or Carbon Usage Rate, and How it Affects You

What’s a CUR? It’s a Carbon Usage Rate. Carbon has become an enemy of a “greener” planet. Take that figuratively and literally. You’ve probably heard a little bit about a Carbon Footprint, and the fact that we all leave them, but what exactly is that, and what problem does it present to our environment?

Primarily, a carbon footprint is our hands on, direct emission of carbon dioxide, from cars, planes, personal energy consumption, etc. It is also based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we use indirectly, as derived from the products we use — the emissions associated with shipping and manufacturing that our hard earned dollars pays for.

In an effort to become more Eco Friendly, a person only needs to ask: How can I reduce my carbon usage rate, or my carbon footprint? Sure, an individual has to consider a lot of things that are habitual, but again, anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

Big Industry and the Sustainability Angle

Many businesses in many industries have begun to work the sustainability angle to offer Eco Friendly options to consumers. Regardless of what you buy, it’s the 21st Century and you can find an Eco Friendly alternative to those that only see the strong bottom line. From architecture and home improvement, to personal energy use, the public can find small and big businesses that are changing the cogs in “the machine,” to gear-up for sustainability.

The momentum in architecture throughout the United States is building rapidly. Alternative energy sources are now seen as more than ideas — they’re now tangible options. The growth in organic food production is forcing the “Super Farms” into new competition. Retailers are upping the ante by changing over their shipping vehicles to cleaner, renewable fuel sources. One more time: Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. It’s a powerful movement, and it’s all based on quality vs. quantity.

Just as any friendship thrives, an Eco Friendship is rooted in one word — Consideration. And therein lies the true definition of Eco Friendliness.

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  1. Nowadays, notwithstanding the debate about renewable energy, it’s easy to be “eco-friendly” whether it be by recycling, composting or using your car less….

  2. Drinking bottled water can be eco-friendly if you do it responsibly. What the bottles are made of and where the water comes from make all the difference.

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