VIDEO: GE Locomotives, The Science of Efficiency

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In this new General Electric video, engineers explain why locomotives are the most efficient means of transporting goods over land. The clip offers a snapshot of the lab’s single power assembly and displays how engineers test concepts quickly and efficiently. It also provides some interesting facts about energy conservation and going green.

Information on the GE Locomotive Video

Adam Klingbeil, GE mechanical engineer, uses one gallon of gas to drive to work. If he shipped his car on a locomotive, the journey would take one gallon of gas every 484 miles.

Railroads are the best and most fuel efficient way to transport goods over land and the engineers at GE Global Research are using cutting edge science to improve the efficiency of locomotive engines. With the GE EvolutionĀ® Series Locomotive, great minds are working to test out new ideas, one cylinder at a time, to make the best even better. Find out more about our technology at

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