Using WordPress Can Be Eco-Friendly Too

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 Getting Online to Start a Blog or Site for Business

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While the idea of being a “blogger” may have fallen off a bit in terms of popularity in recent years, the truth is, more people are online than ever before, operating blogs and basic websites in order to disseminate information and make some money in the process. Whether you realize it or not, the basic platform that software developers created, and countless other innovators have since added to as part of the open platform design behind WordPress, is behind a ton of websites currently existing on the web.

WordPress offers a ton of solutions for beginner bloggers just looking to get into the game online, going as far as hosting free sites with slightly limited functionality. And for the more advanced web designers and programmers out there, WordPress can function as the ultimate in user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS), whereby the programmer uses the basic WordPress front end to design a more elaborate site. From this platform, widgets can be developed or brought in to add further functionality. And the best part? The back end, where users add content and publish information, is all still the basic WordPress design, making it super easy to use, and a real confidence-booster when designers have to turn over their newly minted sites to clients who may not have that much training in operating a website.

How WordPress Can Be an Eco-Friendly Tech Tool

WordPress and the work from home revolution does in fact have an environmentally-progressive component, for those so politically-minded. When you work from home, you tend to stay out of your car and off the road more, saving the planet from vehicle pollutants and emissions, and cutting down on the amount of gasoline that you use. You might also cut down on paper that would otherwise go unnoticed in an office environment, instead opting to use email and digital communications exclusively.

Working from home can eliminate a ton of paper, if you think about it, thanks to easy transfer of money through services like Paypal, for example. And if you take smart care of your home office environment, opting for greener measures in places like the power you use and the light bulbs illuminating your work station, you’ll be well on your way. For web programmers looking to get the most out of WordPress, it’s wise to note that you don’t have to do all the training yourself, either, when it comes to passing off your sites to clients. With a number of companies out there currently offering WordPress training, the truth is that the sky is indeed the limit for developing your own company, or if you’re new to the game, learning the art of WordPress for yourself.

When it comes to building a home-based business, using WordPress as the basic tool in your tool chest makes a ton of sense. Everything is available to you online, so as long as you have the time, energy and patience, you can teach yourself just about anything. With a modest amount of programming expertise and an eye for smart design online, you could be building websites and developing your own widgets, to be used by others in the world for a number of purposes.

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