Using VA Home Loans to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

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The Best Way to Spend Money: Green Improvements in the Home

home energy improvements

Frankly, the above diagram says it all when it comes to the ways in which our homes serve as ruthlessly inefficient vessels, leaking power and air, letting in the cold, and more, all of which hurts us in the end with increased energy costs and a nagging feeling in your conscience, like there’s more you could be doing to reduce your carbon footprint. And there is.

Veterans, look no further if you’re thinking about taking some time to make improvements around the house, and you’re simultaneously wondering where the money is going to come from. If you’ve already refinanced your house, and borrowed what you can from family, and applied for other financial resources to help you in your latest quest to green the home, the answer is here. Did you know you can make energy efficient improvements for VA home loans qualification? Well, you can. Here’s what you need to know.

A List of Qualifying Home Energy

Efficiency Improvements for VA Loans

Here is an incomplete list (there’s even more you can do!) of the ways that the VA considers acceptable when it comes to landing that military loan to make the house more energy efficient. Either do the work yourself, or pay someone else to do it, but regardless, make sure to take advantage of the loan — you are allowed to roll the improvements costs into the loan up to a maximum of $6,000.

  • Thought about going solar? This is a great way to qualify for the funding required to get solar power into your home. This includes, water heating systems, and solar heating / cooling systems, as well.
  • Take a careful look around at your windows and doors. Caulking and weather-stripping improvements are covered by the loan.
  • Working with an old furnace? Several efficiency modifications (there are limitations here, so do the research first) are on the list.
  • Insulation improvements in multiple zones, including the ceilings, attic, floors, water heaters, and even within the walls.
  • Know anything about Vapor barriers? You’re in luck. They’re on the list of qualifying improvements, too.

Certain specific documentation is required in order to qualify for each of these home energy improvement measures, so be sure to do your homework and consult a professional before heading down the path of tinkering in every room in your house. And if you’re looking for other easy

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ways to make your home more energy efficient, check this article too.

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