Using the Library Is the Green Choice

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Sometimes Education Means Re-Educating Yourself

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I make the same mistake all too often, so I’m reprimanding myself as well, when I say — you don’t always have to buy the book — you can also go to the library and take advantage of a wonderful community and or civic opportunity. Your neighborhood library is a veritable wellspring of free information, and a great testament to just how much we try to share with each other in this society. Beyond the convenience of it, there’s also the environment to consider.

True, we’re still talking about tearing down a tree to make paper to make that new bestselling book you’re ready to pay $32.95 for, which you’ll devour in a matter of a few days and then pop up on the bookshelf, maybe never to touch it again. Do we really need all those books? What about checking one out of the library every now and again, and affecting a more limited amount of resources in the process? And beyond that, what about ebooks, ereaders, and elearning? Have you thought about the “translation” of using your local library, into the digital realm? Well… maybe you should!

Getting the Most Out of Digital Learning Opportunities: the New Libraries

Professionals, listen up, because this involves you too, and not just the casual reader, or the academic who goes through books of literature and criticism like glasses of water. When you’re out in the working world, chances are you’ll get more out of your career when you make your life about the pursuit of learning. Reading biographies of like-minded businesspeople can clear the path for you to develop your own success. Reading about your industry can open up your creative side to develop new solutions in your field.

It’s all there for you — from the large-scale, near-philosophical idea, to the practical, nuts and bolts technical stuff — and now, you can find most of that same information online for a greatly reduced price. More important, of course, is the infinitely smaller negative impact you’ll be making on the environment, taking the printed book out of the equation, wherever and whenever you can.

The Benefits of Reading, Training, and Learning Online

Making your life all about learning is actually not that tough, and taking advantage of all that the digital universe has to offer should be a terrific motivation. Are you involved in the tech industry, but feel as if there is just too much information for you to ever really make yourself competitive? Are there new programs that you wish you knew more about, but don’t have the time to pick up a technical manual a thousand pages long? Did you know that there is such a thing as an online library, featuring hundreds and hundreds of online IT training videos? I’ll bet you did not.

Learning online, whether it’s in ebooks or video training courses allows you the convenience of working to improve yourself, whenever A) the thought strikes you, and B) you have a spare minute or two. With services like online training libraries available, you can access courses that will teach you the basics of tech subjects, based on products from Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and more. Looking to get ahead in your field, or to embark on a new career? Here’s your answer. Book some time, sign up for one of these services, and get to work.

And when you’re learning about IT subjects, it’s easy to see just how much sense it makes to get your training while on the computer, right? Find your free time and what you want to learn about, and get yourself to the new “library” for some training.


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