Using Technology for Medical and Health Reasons

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Going Online Can Be Green When It Comes to Your Health
going green online pharmaceTired of paying too much for your health? You’re not alone. With just a cursory glance around the Internet, the following statistic pops up for anyone looking: “In 2004, the US spent $1.9 trillion dollars or roughly $6,280 per individual.” And it’s 2012, or rather, already half-way through 2012 now, so I’m going to guess that the number may be substantially higher by now. Bottom line, it’s safe to say we’re all a little bit tired of paying too much for health care. But what can be done about it?

Now more than ever, it’s possible for the average American to combine going green, the use of available technology, and some effort in order to reduce the steadily rising costs associated with health care. Go green by reducing the trips that you take to the store and by promoting total personal wellness. Save money and preserve health, putting yourself in the best position to promote green issues in your community. From prescriptions to health insurance, here are just a few different ways that we can all leverage the powerful tools at our disposal, in the hopes that costs will go down.

Using the Internet to Get a Deal on Health Insurance

Unless you’re in your early twenties, that rather privileged position on the age ladder where you can safely assume that nothing devastating will happen to you health-wise, the gamble for the rest of us isn’t quite as safe. But rest assured, with the Internet at your fingertips, chances are you can find the ideal health insurance plan in just under an hour’s worth of careful, steadfast research.

Start with Google, your best friend. Type this into the search field: “affordable health insurance portland” with your city in the spot of “portland.” The highlighted fields at the top (typically 3 results) as well as the column at right with about 10 results are all paid search. This means that providers are competing for your business by bidding in an auction-like atmosphere, and those willing to pay the most at any given time see their ads pop up during your search.

The other ten results at left are organic search results, or companies that have built websites and fielded inbound links from other reputable websites, making them prime targets for the information you’re after. Take some time to investigate each before you find the best rate.

Buying Prescription Drugs Online Too

Once you’ve gotten that health insurance, you may be lucky enough to receive discount drugs. But if you didn’t consider that a priority when you were shopping for insurance, or if you don’t have insurance, then consider looking online for your meds next time you need to fill that prescription. If you live in southern California, then heading across the border to Mexico is an option. But if you’re not living there, then consider finding prescription drugs from Canada online instead. Our friends to the north have a different health care system in place, and filling prescriptions online can allow you access to some of the benefits associated with that system.

Health Care Apps for Your Smartphone

Living under the Obama Whitehouse has spelled a new era in the rise of government-sponsored insurance for everyone, including the Learn How Obamacare Benefits You web application that allows users to do just that — to learn how the government plan for health insurance will benefit you. If you’re already insured and looking to be on the cutting edge of the health care meets technology interface, then consider this smart phone app from Warm Health.

According to the press release, “Warm Health, a provider of innovative care management communications […] announced the Warm Health App, the first of its category to deliver ongoing, interactive care and disease management programming to health plan members in addition to providing a direct, secure communication link between the member and their care manager. The app is currently available for the iOS platform and can be found in the Apple iTunes Store.” To learn more about the Warm Health iPhone app, click here.

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