Urban Planning

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The Basics of Urban Planning, From a Green Perspective

Urban Planning
Urban Planning, in general, is a concept and a discipline that involves how we develop and use the land available to us as a society — from the buildings and infrastructure of a city, to the social aspects of how bodies function and move within those spaces, to the integration of distinct communities within that entire city or location.

Further Defining Urban Planning

Within the overarching discipline of Urban Planning, then, other distinct development disciplines fall: landscape architecture, architecture, urban design and in contemporary society, urban renewal — wherein cities or sections of cities (down to the level of individual buildings) that have experienced decay or damage are turned over for regeneration, redevelopment or adaptation into new uses.

Green or Sustainable Urban Planning and Development schemes start from the notion that the current (and past) ways of performing these critical social functions no longer work — as a society, we have used and ruined natural resources, broken down fragile ecosystems, polluted the air and water, compromised too much in the way of our living conditions and even dramatically impacted the overall climate of the planet.

Thusly, the newest call to action in Urban Planning has been marked by the demand to construct or re-develop sustainable cities that leave a more diminished footprint on the surrounding environment. This speaks to greater health for cities in terms of the ecological and social.

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