The Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker

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The Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker
style=”text-align: center;”>Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker

The Rukus Bluetooth Solar-Powered Speaker will now get you high on music almost anywhere with its high-powered portable speaker. This audio device is powered with a high-performance monocrystal solar panel so as to stream music wirelessly from any device that is Bluetooth-enabled. The Rukus also has an inbuilt handle that makes it easy to

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carry around. This speaker is solar powered and has the capability of charging any kind of device.

‘rukus solar’ is a solar-powered sound system, connecting via bluetooth (or auxiliary cable) to smartphones, computers, and music players. on the device, two speakers bookend a built-in carrying handle, whose front panel includes music controls and a monocrystal solar grid. its control panel utilizes e-ink for improved visibility in sunlight and lower power usage.

the battery lasts for 8 hours, attaining a full charge in six hours in direct sunlight. the system can also be connected to electricity via a built-in AC adapter. ‘rukus solar’ also contains a USB port for the charging of mobile devices.

produced in green, black, and white, the bluetooth solar-powered speaker has just been made publicly available,
for a cost of 150 USD (non-solar-powered model at 100 USD).

With quick one-touch pairing, the Rukus Solar can wirelessly stream your music from any source. Its Bluetooth connectivity with AVRCP (one-touch pairing and control) and A2DP (high quality stereo streaming) support allows you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled smart phone, tablet or computer. It’s lightweight and has an integrated handle making it easy to carry around. It also has a USB output to charge most smart phones and mobile devices and its storage net securely protects your device during transport.

Don’t get caught trying to rock out with some mini-speakers! With stereo sound blaring from two full-range speaker drivers, you’re able to keep the Rukus playing all day long! Audio comes through crystal clear with the stereo sound and bass boost.

The Rukus Solar measures 12 x 8.12 x 3.25 (W x H x D in inches when stood upright) and is especially light. At just under 5 lbs.–lighter than many laptops–you can toss the Rukus Solar into a backpack and hardly know it’s there. In spite of its lack of heft, however, this portable speaker feels well-constructed. This is no toy: the hard resin shell is as resilient to outdoor wear as it is suitable speaker cabinet material.
Both the Rukus and Rukus Solar run off of a built-in 7.4v 1500mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which can be charged with a provided AC power adapter. The Rukus Solar model adds on a monocrystalline solar panel which Eton claims can fully charge the Rukus’ battery in about six hours, provided it gets full sun exposure. For those not down with solar photovoltaic technology, monocrystalline solar panels are noted for their high efficiency, though they do tend to cost more.

Eton doesn’t disclose specs on the Rukus’ speakers or amplifier, but a quick measurement of the two full-range stereo speakers indicates they are about 2.5 inches. The amplifier is no doubt digital, but we won’t wager a guess as to how much power it provides.

Since the Rukus can be oriented into two positions, it is hard to say which end is up exactly. Photos of the Rukus on Eton’s Website, its handle location, and Eton’s published dimensions would suggest that the speakers point up rather than out. But little rubber pads located on the underside of the speaker tubes–which allow it to be set so that the solar panel faces upward–just made more sense to us.

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