The Benefits of and Reasons for Recycling Mobile Phones

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How and Why to Recycle Your Outdated Mobile Phone

Recycle Mobile Phone ImageWe’ve discussed this any number of times here at Easy Ways to Go Green. With the rapid advancement of technology comes the era of disposability — the new model is introduced, and next thing you know, you’ve got a pile of outdated mobile phones, pagers, mp3 players, and more.

As cell phones seem to find themselves in the hands of more and more people on the planet, they are quickly becoming the number one e-waste product around. And all of these obsolete items of technology contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. So what to do when trying to recycle mobile phones?

And when you recycle the old mobile properly, consider increasing your motivation by asking the question, Can I sell my phone for cash while I recycle it?

The statistics regarding how often those living in the developed economies of the world purchase and throw away mobile phones are staggering, when you take into account the amount of necessary waste. With Americans alone averaging a new mobile phone purchase or getting new free cell phones at least once in any two-year (or less!) period of time, you can imagine the bits of technology being thrown away, creating potentially hazardous toxins entering our landfills and water supplies. So what are the toxins? Many old mobile phones contain heavy metals like cadmium, mercury and lead. Not to mention arsenic, as well. Flame retardant materials are also in there, and none of these things is good for us our for the planet. With well over a hundred million mobile phones going into the waste every year in the US alone, the dangerous materials being unsafely disposed of is a great cause for concern.

What You Can Do to Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone Safely

So what can I do instead of throwing my old mobile phone into the bin? And can I actually sell my phone as I participate in a healthy and productive e-recycling program? Of course you can, is the answer you most wanted to hear. And it’s true!

Recycled Mobile Phones Image

Thousands of Old Mobile Phones Ready to Be Recycled

The possibilities are actually endless when it comes to recycling the old mobile phones around your home. With the proliferation of websites helping consumers to safely dispose of their outmoded technology, helping out the environment often begins with an easy Google search for something like “recycle and sell my mobile phone” or “recycle my mobile phone + my city name” — and there it is. A half-dozen options for consumers to take care of everything safely, effectively, and often through the post. And what’s better than doing something positive for the planet while getting a bit of monetary compensation in the process?

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