The Benefit of Helping Others: Nursing Degrees

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Getting Educated to Become a Nurse

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Most people are not aware of the fact that there is currently a drastic shortage of nurses, and this drout of in-demand medical personnel is only expected to continue rising in upcoming years. Because of this, more and more associates degree programs are sprouting up every year, both online and at physical university campuses. If you are looking for an engaging career where your services will be highly valued from the very start, then beginning a career in nursing might just be the perfect thing.

As medicine and medical technology continues to advance, so will the demand for highly skilled registered nurses, a discipline which constitutes the largest health care-related occupation in the country with over two and a half million jobs and counting, many of which exist outside of the hospitals.

So Then What Exactly Is an RN to MSN Program?

Many prospective nursing students, once they begin conducting their research, will find a ton of terms that may at fist appear strange. Not the least among those new terms is RN to MSN degree. Typically, these programs last about three years, and refer specifically to programs that allow already Registered Nurses to skip past the Bachelors degree portion of their education, saving time and effort, not to mention potentially saving money, directly heading towards an MSN degree instead.

In order to do this, many programs will cluster bachelor’s level classes into the beginning stages of the MSN program, combining the two into a single, more efficient degree experience. Once these initial classes are completed, the student can mature on to graduate courses, and when all course work is finished, many programs offer graduating students both a BS as well as an MSN degree. Some may only issue the MSN degree instead, though in both cases, students will be afforded the luxury of better job placement, often resulting in better pay as well.

Students can easily find RN to MSN degree programs online, as well, which comes in handy for nurses with the RN distinction who are already working in the field, but looking for better jobs, or more skilled positions, or more desirable pay for their work. The value of the online degree program is such that these candidates can go through the course work while maintaining their employment in the field, essentially never missing a beat in the process.

And not all nurses work in the medical industry, either — in fact, with the MSN distinction, professional nurses will be able to teach at higher levels, providing education and training to other future nurses. In addition to education as a possibly field of work, MSNs can combine their nursing knowledge with an education that emphasizes business skills, and work toward a position in health care management.

There are numerous ways to participate in a professional life that is rewarding by virtue of one’s ability to give back to society and to help others, and nursing is high on that list. Educating others on total health and wellness, bridging the gap between the less fortunate and decreased access to health care, or alleviating the burden on society that exists through the lack of a comprehensive insurance system (aside from positive elements such as Senior Medigap Information, which helps to bridge the gap in insurance coverage for seniors), are all ways that educated health care personnel can assist in making the world that much better for everyone.


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