Technology Shapes the Future of Green Travel

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The Future Is Here: Hybrid Energy Ships?!

Viking Lady Hybrid Shipping Vessel

According to United Nations reports, apparently the merchant shipping industry is now seen as being responsible for nearly 5% of total global emissions. However, hybrid energy just may be able to relieve some of that pressure, and turn back the tides, as it were. Nothing short of a revolution, when it comes to the Viking Lady, which stands as no less than “the world’s first full hybrid energy ship.”

So how does she do it? The Viking Lady “uses state-of-the-art electric battery systems to convert Liquefied Natural Gas into electricity with very little emissions at all. In fact, after installing this hybrid system, the Viking Lady has seen a 20% to 30% reduction in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Read the full report on green tech advancements in the travel sector, at IGLU Cruise, here. [Photo Via: fuelcellsworks]

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