Taking Green Business on the Road: Trade Shows

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Going Green in the Business World

environmentally friendly trade shows

You’ve already cut down on paper use, and opted to store files digitally. You’ve put in place a company-wide recycling program, shut down computers at the end of the day, switched over to CFLs instead of incandescent lights, instituted a ride-share carpooling program and then some. What else can you possibly do to go green any more in the office?

Take a look at your trade show exhibits, that’s what. The green revolution has found its way into just about every corner of the business world, and trade shows are no exception. Putting together a “green” trade show booth is suddenly not the most difficult thing in the world to do. In fact, it’s relatively simple. Here’s a few things to consider when you make the effort.

Components of a Green Trade Show Exhibit

One walk around the floor of a typical trade show, and it’s pretty easy to see all the ways in which you could make the experience more eco-friendly. Using building materials that are environmentally and socially responsible is a great starting point. Banner stands, pop-ups, standard sized booths (10×10’s and 10×20’s) and customized exhibits can all be dragged through a round of environmental consideration.

Are the components of your displays produced and or packaged in an environmentally responsible way? Using things like recycled aluminum and post-industrial plastic for the exhibition stands and the pop up displays for trade shows, as well as the shipping cases and packing materials, goes a long way towards a more eco-conscious trade show booth.

From shipping cases to trade show flooring, there are many ways to address the environment when piecing together an exhibition booth. When you can, opt for graphic materials that are recyclable. Consider the inks that are used in printing — are they safe for the environment upon disposal? Are they made from organic materials? What about the photomurals and detachable graphics? Same thing — recycled plastics and eco-friendly materials for printing.

From temporary and re-useable bamboo wood flooring to carpeting that is eco-friendly and made from natural, agricultural products, every element of the trade show booth can be environmentally responsible, recyclable, or re-useable. And when it’s time to get new carpet flooring for the trade show booth, then natural, organic fibers are biodegradable, and can be composted as well.

Trade show lights can be CFLs, and all aluminum extrusions can be sturdy and still be made from a significant percentage of recycled aluminum. Sorghum board works as a perfect environmentally-friendly solution to interior trade show walls, and things like cork can be used over and over again.

Think twice about the giveaways that you use to lure visitors and prospective clients into the booth — use recycled paper materials, and when possible, opt for higher quality items that are produced in the States, and things that will actually be put to good use, rather than ending up in the trash can.

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