Sustainable Real Estate Development Growing in India

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Sustainable Real Estate Development Catching Hold in New Delhi

New Delhi, India
NEW DELHI: It has been estimated recently that there are hundreds of millions of people, in fact, a billion plus people, currently living in India, according to the CIA’s World Fact Book. It is not a stretch to say that an idea like Sustainable Real Estate, were it to effectively take hold of a population that large, could provide just the right kind of progress to much-needed environmental improvements.

“Sustainable Real Estate Development in India”: A Report

Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj, the largest real estate services firm in India, highlights the increasing trend of sustainable development in India, in a recent research report. Citing the various business advantages offered with the construction of sustainable buildings, the firm weighed in on its future intentions.

“Sustainable buildings use design techniques, materials and technologies that minimize a building’s impact on the environment in their design, construction and operational systems while adequately servicing and supporting activities within. Sustainable buildings provide occupiers with several operating cost reductions. Electricity is one of the largest operating expenses for commercial buildings in India. Buildings with sustainable elements can save up to 20 per cent in total electricity costs,” said Manisha Grover, co-author of the paper and Head Strategic Consulting and Research at Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj.

Read More About Sustainable Real Estate in India

To read more about sustainability in real estate development and the inclusion of green incentives in India, read the whole story at the Economic Times in the India Times.

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