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Easy Ways to Plan — Sustainable Style

Sustainable Planning, Good Growth, Washtenaw County Michigan
Easy Ways to Go Green brings you a research guide of available materials on the topic of Sustainable Planning. Culled from articles all over the Internet, this ever-expanding universe of information is a one-stop guide for all things sustainable. Why waste the time finding the articles yourself, when we’ll do the dirty work for you?

Policy Guide on Planning for Sustainability
from the American Planning Association, Adopted by Chapter Delegate Assembly, April 16, 2000
Ratified by Board of Directors, April 17, 2000, New York, NY
“There is growing concern for the issue of sustainability – whether the Earth’s resources will be able to meet the demands of a growing human population that has rising aspirations for consumption and quality of life, while maintaining the rich diversity of the natural environment or biosphere.” Discover more findings on the sustainability issue.

Sustainable Planning Research Group, Canada
“One of the primary challenges to sustainable development throughout the world involves effectively resolving conflicts among competing stakeholders over the use of scarce resources. One of Canada’s principal contributions to this global challenge has been the development of innovative approaches to land use planning based on the concept of ‘shared decision-making.'”

The Airforce Center for Engineering and the Environment on Sustainable Planning
“There isn’t one clear-cut definition for Sustainable Planning. In some circles it’s referred to as Smart Growth, in others, Sustainable Development and in others, it’s planning with nature. Quite simply, it’s “common sense”-doing what is smart in conjunction with the various constraints and requirements that govern planning on an Air Force installation.”

The Essence of Sustainable Planning – A Plan for Liveable Communities
from American Forests, Autumn, 1997 by Jim Schwab
“Planning and sustainability are naturally complementary ideas. It is all too easy, however, to maintain unsustainable practices, whether the issue is forestry, recycling, or urban sprawl. Sustainable development requires community or regional decisions that are considerably more complex than those required of individuals.”

Podium: Planning Sustainable Communities

from The Independent (London), Jul 13, 1998 by John Prescott
“One of the biggest challenges facing this country is how to tackle the issue of household growth while building more sustainable communities. The number of households is continuing to grow, putting pressure on our precious countryside.”

Videos on Sustainable Planning

Sustainable Mobility: The Key to Modern Urban Planning
EV World
39 min 11 sec – Sep 22, 2007

Dean Harrison Fraker of the College of Environmental Design, U.C. Berkeley addresses the Meeting of the Minds conference in Oakland, CA, in September 2007: “Key to Urban Design: Sustainable Transportation.”

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