Alpha, Biojet, Charlie: Sustainable Biofuels Take Flight

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Virgin Atlantic Successfully Uses Biofuel In Plane
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Sustainable Biofuels
The wild blue yonder is getting greener.

On February 24, 2008 a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 took a 40-minute flight from London to Amsterdam using a 20 percent biofuel in one of the plane’s four engines. The test was to determine if biofuels could perform in high altitude cold temperatures.

Entrepreneur and Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson said, “Two years ago, people said that was impossible. They said it would freeze at 30,000 feet.”

How the Biojet Fuel Works

The biojet fuel, which was made partly with babassu nuts and coconut oil, was created by Imperium Renewables. Virgin, Boeing, General Electric and Imperium are analyzing the results of the test, while later on this year Air New Zealand will run another biojet test on one of its models. In 2009, Boeing is joining Continental Airlines for the first North American test in a 737.

Why Use Biofuels in Airplanes?

The fact that so many major corporations are playing a role in the development of sustainable biojet fuel is remarkably optimistic and shows promise for biofuels playing a bigger part in green air travel. With true sustainable biojet fueling planes, carbon emissions will be reduced, thereby cutting down on the carbon footprints airlines leave.

Aviation has good reasons to cut back, especially since there are carbon fees. On top of this, the rising prices of oil are crushing smaller airlines and straining major carriers. With the pressure to convert to greener technology, or at least have a PR campaign that makes carriers look as though they are contributing to the green movement, more airlines and aircraft companies are turning to new ways to genuinely reduce their carbon emissions.

Learn more about Virgin’s sustainable flight and how biofuels are changing the aviation industry by clicking here.

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  1. So we now have airplanes, buses and cars running on biofuels. Has anyone tried to make a motorcycle that runs on biofuels?

    People who ride motorcycles will often just ride to ride, the epitome of wasting gas. If someone would develop that technology for motorcyclists, I would think it could really make a sizeable difference.

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