Summer Energy Saving Tips for Phoenix Residents

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Big Time Summer Energy Saving Tips for Phoenix Residents

While Arizona is infamous for reaching scorching summer temperatures well above 100 degrees, even Phoenix residents can spare their pocketbooks and the environment from excessive energy use. Take a look at some of the most effective methods for lowering your dependence on air conditioning in Arizona. Reduce your energy bills through smart Phoenix air conditioning practices and keep you carbon footprint in check.

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona — Adjust the Thermostat

Making a slight and simple adjustment to your thermostat is practically undetectable. That is, until you reap the savings on your utility bills. In Phoenix, air conditioning accounts for almost half of energy costs. By setting your thermostat a little warmer, you can save approximately six to eight percent for each degree above 78.

Other smart practices for efficient Arizona air conditioning include turning off the A/C unit whenever you leave home. Once you return, don’t defeat this purpose by blasting the A/C to a colder than normal setting. This only leads to unnecessary cooling that will result in higher energy bills.

Properly Sizing Your Arizona Air Conditioning System

For energy efficient air conditioning in Arizona, bigger is not necessarily better. The size of your A/C unit should directly correspond with the room you wish to cool. While an air conditioner that’s too small simply won’t do the job, an oversized A/C system is a waste of energy and will not properly dehumidify your room.

Energy Efficient Phoenix Air Conditioning — Seal Leaks in your Home

Trap the cool air in and ensure proper ventilation by weather-stripping and caulking your windows and doors. Additionally, seal any leaks around the electricity and plumbing entryways to your home.

Eco-Conscious Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona — Attic Insulation

Without proper attic insulation, your Phoenix air conditioning unit will have to work much harder to cool and condition your home. If your current attic insulation is below R-19, consider increasing it to at least R-30.

Energy Efficient Arizona Air Conditioning — Test Your Air Ducts

Once of the most important ways to achieve eco-friendly air conditioning in Arizona is through the air ducts. Heating and cooling ducts can be a monstrous source of wasted energy. In fact, leaky ductwork can skyrocket your energy bills by about 25 percent. Hire a professional Phoenix air conditioning and heating contractor to clean, test and properly seal your ductwork.

ENERGY STAR Products for the Entire Home

Purchasing an air conditioning unit in Phoenix, Arizona that bears the ENERGY STAR logo is a surefire way to lower your energy costs, as well as your carbon footprint. However, in order to maximize your energy efficiency, think much larger.

Most household appliances are now available in ENERGY STAR models. By converting all of your home appliances to energy-conscious brands, you decrease the amount of heat they produce, thus lessening the need to overburden your Phoenix air conditioning system.

Even with the intense dry heat of summertime in Phoenix, you can enjoy eco-conscious air conditioning in Arizona. Use these tips to keep cool, slash utility costs do your part for the environment.

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  1. I have a suggestion as well you can use the cooler instead of AC i have done this and noticed a big difference in my enery saving cost. thanks a lot for the article

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