Students: Go Green by Purchasing eText Books This Year

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Getting the Most Out of Your Dollar When in School

etextbook for ipad and kindle

If you’re in school at this point in time, with all the contemporary developments in technology, then you are at the cutting edge of what can be called nothing short of a revolution. Getting an education through textual material, that once amounted to several hundred dollars worth of giant text book purchasing, semester after semester for a handful of years, can now be downloaded to your iPad or Kindle in a matter of seconds.

What does this mean for you? With all likelihood, spending less money for one. Second, you won’t be breaking your back or shoulder, lugging around all those giant text books, which you may or may not remember to bring with you to class every morning. And last, think of the trees you’ll be returning to the environment, just buy purchasing etextbooks!

So How Does It Work: Purchasing an eTextbook for iPad or Kindle

Many applications are available through various software and development companies these days, and the functionality is pretty impressive. You can add sticky notes, highlight text, and use robust search capability to “turn the pages” to that one hard-to-find phrase that you know holds all the answers to getting an A on the upcoming exam.

Think the eTextbook phenomenon will be a passing fad? Think again. With pages that match the paper text version in increasingly greater fidelity, to organizing all of your textbooks onto a virtual shelf where you can grab and read anything in a moment’s notice and from any location (train? backseat of the car? waiting in line at the pharmacy? any time is now potentially study time!), to finding exactly what you need to, the very second that you need it — etextbooks are pretty much here to stay.

And with your ereader device connected to the Internet, you basically have all the information in the world at your fingertips, when it comes to supplementing the knowledge you find in your course work. Whether you’re looking for textbooks on iPad or textbooks on Kindle, expect to find just about everything you’re looking for in a short amount of time. Feel good about your studies, and do the environment a tremendous service too. Think long and hard about switching over to eTextbooks this term.

And the process couldn’t be easier, either. Pick your service online. Use the search functionality to locate the textbooks you need. Add them to your cart, just like you would on Amazon or any other eretailer. When you’re done, check out. Then you go to what amounts to a digital bookshelf, and you can start reading or studying immediately.


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