Stress Illness and Dr. David Clarke

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Understanding How Life’s Hidden Stresses Can Lead to Illness
Stress Illness and Dr. David Clarke
Many of the apparent illnesses that patients bring with them to a doctor have no obvious or apparent cause. Often, even numerous medical tests yield no result with any certainty.

Patients are left either untreated in the traditional sense, unknowing of what ails them, or worse — doctors prescribe treatments for illnesses that simply don’t exist.

Dr. David Clarke and Stress Illness

Dr. David Clarke believes that “this occurs when the symptoms come from hidden stresses in a patient’s life that leave no physical damage. The symptoms are quite real, however, and may occur anywhere in the body. This condition, called Stress Illness, can be mild or severe and causes symptoms in millions of people that may last for years.”

Dr. Clarke’s new approach to this problem has helped thousands of people since 1983. Dr. Clarke’s tools for diagnosis and treatment are found in the book They Can’t Find Anything Wrong! 7 Keys to Understanding, Treating and Healing Stress Illness (List $16.95), which includes dozens of stories on the subject of stress illness and healing.

For even more information on stress, visit the website of the American Institute of Stress.

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