Starbucks May Not Be As Green As They Claim

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Starbucks Logo

Environmentalists and patrons are in an uproar over a recent discovery that, according to corporate policy, Starbucks shops around the country waste millions of liters of water every day. Making this fact even more upsetting is that Starbucks has a demeanor of being a green business and very environmentally aware, contradicting recent findings.

24.3 liters of water are poured down 10,000 Starbucks drains worldwide due to a policy of keeping a tap running for sanitary reasons. The regulation is upheld for “sanitary reasons” and its belief is that a running tap will prevent germs from breeding in the tap. These sinks are located behind the counter, known as a “dipper well” to wash utensils.

The problem was discovered by Lisa Woolfe of Cuffley, Hertfordshire. “I noticed a small sink behind the counter had its tap running. The assistant said the store was told to keep it running as it cleaned the pipes.” Lisa contacted the head office and confirmed the water was not recycled and brought it to the press’ attention.

Water shortage is one of the biggest problems facing the world as several countries are experiencing extended drought conditions. The daily water wasted is enough to fill an Olympic pool every 83 minutes. “It is an absolutely astonishing waste of water, especially for a company which prides itself on its green credentials.”

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