Solar Sphere: Selling Solar Products Since 1998

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Solar Sphere Products: A Complete Resource
Solar Sphere Solar Products & PanelsDo the research for a second and see just how competitive the marketplace has become for solar products, and home solar systems. If a person is trying to “go green” and wants to make improvements to their home, or a business owner is looking to improve their company’s standing or bottom line by adding solar power, searching online can be mind numbing. Which is exactly why you want to make sure that you work with a company who has a proven track record of delivering high quality, results-driven products.

As the site itself will tell you, Solar Sphere, based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, “has been selling high quality Solar Grid Tie Systems and Solar Panels products since 1998.” When a company has been in a dedicated business, it’s only natural that they should end up putting together an extensive line of solar power kits, accessories and alternative energy resources for consumers of all stripes. Don’t let the regional location of the business worry you — Solar Sphere represents products and accessories from manufacturers everywhere in the country.

Information Resource for Solar Panels and Solar Power

Solar Panels aren’t necessarily cheap, and a lot of people may be confused about how they work. Another great element of doing business with Solar Sphere is their willingness to do their part in educating their existing and potential customers, which is without question, a significant part of the sustainable energy revolution that has to happen sooner rather than later. For people looking to learn more about how solar panels work, and what consumers need to know about the details concerning solar issues from state to state, Solar Sphere provides a Solar Power Learning Center, featuring a wealth of informational material.

Maybe that’s part of the reason why Solar Sphere gets to lay claim to the fact that they “are the leading Internet seller of Solar Power Kits and accessories.” Their customer service appears to be top-notch: take a look at their return policy, product guarantees and warranty information on their Customer Service page.

The Five Basic Steps of Solar Power

Don’t get me wrong — solar power isn’t as easy as flipping a switch — it’s more complex than that. However, aside from the various complexities that are involved with the solar power process, one can understand the basics of Solar Power and Solar Energy quite easily.

Solar Power PanelIn step one, solar cells collect rays from the sun: the Collection Phase includes energy from the sun’s photons being “transferred to the electrons in the atom of the semiconductor.” In step two, the current of energy (DC) that has been collected moves to an inverter device, which converts it to alternating current (AC). In the third step, electrical panels accept the energy: through the system and to the service panel (breaker box). From here, the power is available as other energy sources, from electrical outlets within the home.

In the fourth step, if a homeowner has tied their home solar power system into the public power grid, the energy they have created with their system moves to the utility meter. Surprisingly enough, this movement of energy back to the power grid moves the utility meter backwards, as energy is being returned for others to use, rather than flowing to the home, where it would typically have a corresponding price tag. In this case, homeowners are given credits for the energy they contribute to the system.

In the fifth step, should a homeowner generating their own solar energy not create enough energy for the home, the amount required to make up the difference in their needs is available from the public grid.

Find out more about solar power, solar lighting and more at the Solar Sphere website. Or start your research here at the Easy Ways to Go Green Solar Power Information category.

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