Southern California Edison Energy Vampire Campaign

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SCE Ratchets Up Green Energy Conservation Campaign to Its Subscribers
SCE Energy Vampire
When I got home from work the other day, I found in the mail an environmental awareness message from my local power company here in Culver City, which is Southern California Edison. I guess maybe getting something in the mail is more powerful or meaningful than getting an email, but the thought did cross my mind about the trade they have to sacrifice for awareness. It seems to be printed on recycled paper stock, and who knows about the inks they used — all things to consider, including whatever fuels and power was used in the presses, delivery system, etc.

But that was all not my point — the point was the new (?) SCE Energy Vampire campaign they seemed to be announcing. I was impressed with the less-than-conservative marketing approach, which I can firmly get behind. I think it takes a LOT to get people to pay attention, and even more energy/effort to get them to act. And maybe EVEN MORE, sadly, to get them to act in a way that is not necessarily motivated by their immediate self-interest or personal gain. All problems that everyone involved in any area of planet-consciousness faces all the time.

More Details About Southern California Edison’s Energy Vampire Campaign
According to the SCE website and campaign, the URL of which is discreetly added to the card I received in the mail, “Energy Vampires are any electronic devices that consume power even when they are switched off or in standby mode.” Not a bad way to describe it, and certainly something that consumers can understand. So what is the campaign all about then?

SCE urges consumers to consider the fact that they “can drive a stake through the heart of these vampires by unplugging them when not in use or plugging them into a power strip and turning the strip off when the appliances are not in use.” Seemingly a very little bit of effort that cumulatively could go a LONG way. So there we have it. A terribly EASY way to go just a tiny bit more green this next year.

Not only could this be beneficial in the home, but maybe worth considering when you attempt to make your office or workplace green as well. Some of the many potential energy vampires that can consume standby power, according to Southern California Edison include:

List of Possible SCE Energy Vampires
TVs and Set-top boxes
Computers, digital monitors and printers
VCRs, DVD players and some audio systems.
Air conditioning systems with remote control.
Devices with a stand-by light or clock.
Power adapters whether they are powering a device or not.
Some home video game consoles

As part of the campaign, SCE as an institution pushes Energy Star symbol-containing Products, and the website outbound links will lead you to many government-sponsored Energy Star information pages, all of which are not bad in the way of educating yourself, and in the end, saving some money on your electric bills.

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