Solar Yard Lights and Fountains

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Getting Busy in the Yard This Summer? Go Green Too!
solar powered garden lightsWhen it comes to neat green and solar gadgets for the yard, one quick to the hardware or home and garden store near you will quickly show you how affordable solar technology is becoming. When you look at spending more time in the garden or backyard this summer, think about the statement and drama you can bring to your hard work once the sun sets. And when you think about some lighting elements, think twice about solar — the prices might just surprise you.

In addition to the beauty they can bring into the yard at nighttime, they tend to be small enough where well-placed path lights or uplights for trees are fairly inconspicuous. And further, they don’t require any sort of complex wiring or assembly, including the running of extension cords around the yard and finding an outlet that makes sense logistically. You just make sure they are in a place to receive whatever sunlight is available during the day, and presto! You’ve got light at night, for around 3-6$ an individual light, in many cases.

The Basics of Solar Powered Lighting for the Yard

­With only a few simple parts, the lighting elements you include in the backyard access solar power to create light at night. Among those parts, the plastic casing, the solar cell on the top of the unit that faces the sun and absorbs its light, typically a single battery, a photoresistor to detect darkness in the night, a miniscule controller board, and LED light source, and not much else. Maybe a spike at the base to make sticking the unit into the ground that much easier.


Solar Powered Water Features: Kensington Gardens Solar Fountain

solar powered fountainWho doesn’t love the sound of running water in the backyard or home? If you’re out late at night, after a bbq with friends, then sitting around in comfy lawn chairs enjoying the moon in the sky can be a perfectly peaceful experience with the inclusion of gently burbling water from a water feature or fountain. And did you know you can find solar-powered versions of water fountains for the yard now too?

One of the best selling solar fountains out there in production today is the Kensington Gardens (starting at around $220), so we are told — in addition to it looking quite lovely, it’s apparently also very easy to assemble. It’s made of all-weather resin that keeps the cost of maintaining the unit down, and has a beautiful finish that imitates a weathered stone look. Once again, as with the solar powered lights, there is a solar panel integrated into the fountain so that messy wires and complicated strategies for powering the unit are alleviated.

The reservoir of water stays hidden within the unit, so you get to enjoy effortless, constantly recycled water and calming noise all evening long.

[Photos Via: renewablepowersolarenergy; simplyfountains]

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