Solar Santa Monica: City-Wide Environmental Project

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Solar Initiatives in the City of Santa Monica
Solar Panels: Solar Santa Monica A division of the City of Santa Monica called Solar Santa Monica has recently concluded its selection process. Out of this process, four partners have been selected to offer a variety of loans aimed explicitly at financing the installation of solar systems and energy efficiency upgrades for both business and homeowners.

The City of Santa Monica, long known for a reputation of being on the cutting edge of environmental consciousness, has paired up with four partners whose understanding of the benefits of solar power will undoubtedly facilitate the implementation of this sustainable energy source as thoroughly as possible into the community infrastructure. Among the chief benefits of solar power are a consistent and steady income stream, an increase to a property’s value and a naturally long life.

Services and Funding Available Through Solar Santa Monica

The following financial services are now available through Solar Santa Monica:

— Secured and unsecured financing through certified contractors
— “Green” and sustainable lending
— Innovative, tax-based financing for large commercial land and municipal projects
— Lending exclusively for small businesses.

To find out more about how to pursue and secure solar financing from the City of Santa Monica, call Solar Santa Monica at (310) 458.4992. Or visit the website at Solar Santa Monica.

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