Solar Powered Light and Fan Hats

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Impress Your Friends With These Eco-Friendly Solar Hats

Solar Fan Hats

Dorky Solar Fan Hats

If you’re looking for the latest in fashionable haberdashery, look no further. Gucci, Fendi, and Prada got nothin’ on these solar powered hats. That’s right. I said it. Solar Powered Hats. With solar energy quickly becoming in vogue, don’t be surprised to see more of these useful, stylish accessories on the red carpet.

Okay, so maybe they’re a better gift for your increasingly dorky looking dad. In any event, you have to admire the audacity of the designers putting out these solar powered fan- and light-bedazzled hats.

Keep cool during a day hike with these hat-mounted, solar-powered fans, blowing a steady breeze directly on your sweaty forehead. Switch ’em up for a little nighttime reading in the tent with a solar light cap. Never before has sustainable, renewable technology been so wearable. Or so fashionable.

Solar Light Hats

Solar Light Hats

Solar Light Hats

Whether you’re perusing a map at night on your camping trip, reading in bed, or finding your way through galleries of caverns on a spelunking adventure, there’s no substitute for a solar powered light hat.

Except maybe a flashlight. Or a lamp or something.

The difference is that you’ll never need batteries again or any of that dirty coal-power form the grid.

Solar panels are integrated into the cap, charging the hat during the day with that free, green, renewable resource we call sunlight. That power can then be used when needed to illuminate LEDs mounted on the underside of the brim, shining useful light on whatever task is at hand.

You’ll save money and avoid disposing of potentially hundreds of toxic batteries. These hats do double duty–keeping the sun out of your eyes during the day and bringing back its awesome power at night.

Solar Fan Hats

We’ve all used those tiny hand-held novelty fans at one point or another in our lives. Is there anything more disappointing than when they run out of batteries after just a couple hours of use? Well now you need never fall into fanless despair again with these solar panel powered ventilated caps.

Jogging, hiking, golfing, or gardening, you’ll find these adorable fan hats generate a welcome breeze.

[Photocredit: InventorSpot; GadgetHer]

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