The Basics of Solar Power

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Solar Power Basics
Solar Power Basics

Solar Power essentially means energy that is derived from the Sun, often or typically through Solar Panels. It is no small statement to say that Solar Power is the most important fundamental components of life on the planet Earth: it controls weather, climate and allows living beings to thrive on the planet.

When taking a look at both light and heat from the sun, in conjunction with other elements (wave and wind power), we see that these few elemental sources account for nearly all of the available quantities of renewable energy on the Earth.

Solar power, then, takes advantage of the energy that is available from the sun, and in turn, uses that energy to pragmatic ends such as lighting and heating.

Solar Electric Power Association
Find out even more basics about Solar Power at the Solar Electric Power Association website.

American Solar Energy Society
Another great resource for answers to basic questions is available at the American Solar Energy Society.

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  2. Hi, what is the difference between regular solar panels and Thermodynamics solar panels? as Thermodynamic solar panel works 365 days a year and is in action day and night?

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