Solar Panel Woes: Making Sure Your Roof Doesn't Get Ruined

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Beware the Roof-Wrecking Solar Panel Cowboys

solar panels on roof

The renewable energy solution ‘solar’ has increased in popularity immensely over the past couple of years. More and more people are choosing to install solar panels on their home or business building to cut their carbon footprint and save money on annual energy bills.

But the boost in usage has led to a number of roof-wrecking solar panel cowboys. These rogues offer cheap services but they result in botched jobs that only prove costly in the long-run.

It is vital that you choose a reputable, experienced roofer to carry out the work and here are some tips to help you avoid amateur tradesmen.

Check the Qualifications of Your Solar Panel Installer

There are no qualifications needed to install solar roof panels and there is no law for accreditation but you should still hire an expert that has either won awards or has some form of certification. This will show that they are skilled and trustworthy but you can also ask to see examples of their previous work as a helpful guidance. Never exchange cash over to a tradesperson that just turns up on your doorstep.

Inadequacy of the Solar Panel Installation Itself

If one fits the solar panels incorrectly it can cause a leaky roof which will cost you a fortune in the future in repair bills. What is more, it can affect the contents of the home. So it is crucial the workmanship is carried out adequately as inexperience will only result in indecent installation.

Is the Solar Panel Installer Truly Reputable?

Installing solar panels comes at its price and therefore you need to think of it as an investment. Given the amount of money it entails to repair or replace the panels, you should only use trustworthy, reputable roofers. How do you filter out the experts from the amateurs? Well a professional roofer should be able to answer any questions you have about the work with ease.

Think twice about DIY solar roofing and beware of roof-wrecking solar panel cowboys. The cheapest quote is not necessarily the best option and a specialist tradesperson will be reasonably priced.

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