Solar Panel Feed-In Tariff Cut in Half in United Kingdom

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From the UK Guardian: Setting sun: solar panels feed-in tariff halved
Householders fuming as the ‘greenest-ever’ government kills off plans to install environmentally friendly energy and threatens a budding industry by Miles Brignall from November 11, 2011.

Solar Panel Feed in Tariffs in UK

Across the UK, many households are cringing over the newest press regarding solar panel installation — and anyone currently in the process of fitting their house with panels is getting ready to complete the process in a hurry, before they lose out on government-sponsored benefits. With just six weeks left to finish the installation of solar panels, those who don’t make the cutoff date will see any hope for extra income generated by energy produced from the solar panels, dashed, as the governments says that feed-in tariffs will be cut by as much as 50%.

With citizens in an uproar over the implied hypocrisy on the part of the self-proclaimed “greenest government ever,” the Tory-led coalition last week broke the bad news, much to the chagrin of the renewables sector. And the news? Only solar panel installations currently underway and completed by December 12, 2011, would get the full payment of funds, as initially promised. That means, many hundreds of people who had signed contracts in place to install solar panels will either have to effort towards expedited installation, or more likely, pull out of the entire process all together. And that means just about the worst possible news for the solar energy efforts in the UK.

So What Exactly Are UK Feed-In Tariffs?

The government’s decision is also focused on Feed-In Tariffs, or Fits, which will be cut in half. So what are Fits? According to the article, they are “the amounts those installing photovoltaic panels on their roof get for each unit of electricity generated.” And that means that many companies performing the installation of solar panels are scrambling to figure out whether or not installing solar panels is even going to be worth it anymore. Higher Fit payments had initially been promised to households who performed the installation before mid-April, 2012, including nearly “100,000 householders [who] have taken advantage of the generous [governmental] terms.”

Read the full article here, at the Guardian UK online: Setting sun: solar panels feed-in tariff halved

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