Solar Lighting

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Basics of Solar Lighting
Solar Lighting
Over the last century, many scientists and lay-people alike have helped to advance the cause of Solar Lighting, or harnessing the power of the sun’s energy to provide electricity, specifically to light and area such as a building or home. In the wake of electricity and the cheap cost to consumers for both lighting products and monthly energy bills, the lamps that light our homes have come to supply a greater amount of lighting than the sun, when it comes to the interiors of homes.

The next step was to then take the sunlight, convert its energy, and use that to supply lighting; this has been accomplished in a variety of ways, including reflective light-pipes, lens collectors and then later, fiber-optic bundles.

Now, Hybrid Solar Lighting manages to collect sunlight transfer it to buildings via optical fibers. Once inside the makeup of the building, the energy is then combined with electric light in already-developed light fixtures that are capable of blending the dual-power source. This newest phase of Solar Lighting evolution is currently being developed at the highest levels of Solar technology.

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