Six Internet Calculators That Make Going Green Easier

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Using Internet Resources to Get Yourself Green

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Going green is fundamentally about doing the most to consume the least. While millions of American households are embracing efforts to be more energy efficient and less ecologically destructive, many do so without taking the time to think their actions through. What may seem like a big step in the right direction, such as buying imported organics, may not add up to much when you consider how much jet fuel is spent shipping such foods to our stores.

Indeed, truly going green is easier said than done unless you have the money throw at huge renovations and expert advice. With that said, online calculators can provide a surprisingly large amount of information regarding the most effective ways for you and your loved ones to lead more sustainable lives. They won’t replace the help of an energy management consultant or a brand new Duro Last roof, but they come in handy when neither of these is a viable option.

Fuel Efficiency Calculator

Analysts predict gas prices in the United States are going to near $5.00 this summer. If you’re going to be looking for a new car this year, fuel efficiency should be at the top of the list of priorities behind safety and affordability. Not to mention, it’s sure to result in less emissions on your part. Fuel Efficiency Calculator

Cost-of-Commute Calculator

In addition to a more fuel efficient vehicle, you should be thinking about how to cut down on your daily commute as much as possible. Simply shaving off a few miles a day is enough to greatly reduce your impact on the environment. Cost-of-Commute Calculator

Household Emissions Estimator

It’s easy to forget that we’re responsible for CO2 emissions beyond what comes out of the exhaust pipe of our cars. Using this calculator will result in you having a reliable estimate of how much CO2 you’re pouring into the atmosphere annually. Household Emissions Estimator

Refrigerator Retirement Calculator

If your refrigerator is older than five years, then chances are it’s inefficient enough to account for one-sixth of your monthly electric bill. This calculator will help you determine whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade to a new model. Refrigerator Retirement Calculator

Home Energy Savings Estimator

Similar to the emissions estimator, this calculator provides a little bit more than just bad news. After entering in data regarding their home, habits, and energy bills, users are given a detailed breakdown of the best ways for them to increase energy efficiency while reducing waste simultaneously. Home Energy Savings Estimator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Many carbon footprint calculators exist online, but few match the level of detail of the one available through the Nature Conservancy website. In addition to the usual factors, this calculator also incorporates dietary habits and even air travel into its final summation, two aspects of our carbon footprint we tend to forget about. Carbon Footprint Calculator

Going green is all about taking great strides in the effort to use less resources to lead a happy and productive life. Ensure you are indeed doing everything you can by taking advantage of the aforementioned online calculators. Next to expert advice and expensive projects, they’re undoubtedly the most cost-effective tools in your going green chest.

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