SIGG Water Bottles

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SIGG: The Original Swiss Bottle
SIGG Water Bottles
If you haven’t heard of it yet, then take a second and check it out: SIGG, “The Original Swiss Bottle” (average price is around $24-), is known the world over for uncompromising quality and the highest level of craftsmanship that comes with “nearly 100 years of heritage and experience.” The secret? the proprietary component (there’s only one!) that goes into the manufacture of these bottles is seamless and without weak points — thus the durability factor. Just you try to break one of them. Can’t do it. Relentlessly field tested by those in the field determined to find the most rock-solid of all water bottles, the SIGG has risen to the top time and time again.

The SIGG Secret: Inside Versus Outside

The inside of SIGG bottles is what makes them special: the internal coating is both high-tech and proprietary; it’s resistant to any kind of beverage in terms of the chemical makeup (acidic nature of some liquids) and on top of that, it’s taste and scent-neutral. No odors will hang around after you’ve already washed the SIGG bottle, making for a potentially unfriendly combination of flavors. According to SIGG, “the composition of the liner also reduces the chances of bacteria build-up. And because the liner is virtually baked into the inner walls of the bottle, it will not flake or chip even if dented on the outside.”

The Design Aspect of SIGG Bottles

SIGG bottles exceed FDA requirements and have been thoroughly tested to ensure 0.0% leaching. And if that wasn’t enough, SIGG bottles come in over 100 unique designs. SIGG invites 30 artists from across the globe to help out in the design of new styles every year. Check out their wide variety of leak-proof cap styles to further create a truly original and functional eco-friendly tool.

SIGG bottles are also manufactured in an ecologically-friendly environment; 100% recyclable and long lasting.

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