Shipping Carbon Neutral With UPS

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New Carbon Neutral Shipping Procedures From UPS

Carbon Neutral Shipping with UPS

Carbon Neutral Shipping with UPS

Shipping company UPS now offers what they refer to as “carbon neutral shipping option.” So exactly how does UPS ship packages in a way that is effectively carbon neutral?

UPS offers an option for the eco-conscious business person, as the environment becomes increasingly more of a priority for businesses operating in the current climate, both planet- and economy-wise. In order to maintain a carbon neutral standard for its environmentally-conscious shipping standard, UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) credits in order to offset the emissions produced by the transportation of their customers’ shipments.

According to UPS, “These offset credits become available when another organization’s project yields less CO2 or other greenhouse gases than would otherwise occur.” The carbon neutral option isn’t just a “trust us” type of option, either. It seems that the carbon neutral distinction for your traveling shipments is verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), a company that does testing, inspection, and verification for various businesses.

UPS further offers certification in their shipping carbon neutral procedure, through The CarbonNeutral Company. UPS notes, “the involvement of these organizations acts as a mark of quality and credibility for our carbon neutral shipping options.”

Learn More about UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping now.

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