Schneider Electric: The Global Specialist in Energy Management

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Schneider Electric: Helping Businesses to Optimize Energy Usage

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According to the copy on their website, Schneider Electric boasts of being “the global specialist in energy management, helping people make the most of their energy.” So what exactly does this mean? I hadn’t heard much of this company, or companies like this, although in new, green economic times, I was sure they existed and were potentially thriving.

Apparently, Schneider Electric is an organization that comes in to help businesses improve their bottom line through increased energy efficiency and general environmental awareness. They target businesses from multiple standpoints, and offer solutions that include education, consulting and reduced power usage. To businesses, Schneider Electric offers the following message: “We can help you solve this problem with solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green from plant to plug.”

How Schneider Electric Offers Green Business Solutions for More Efficient Energy Usage

Schneider Electric steps in to consult business who up until that point, have chosen to focus improvements to the bottom line solely on monetary aspects of the core business offerings. Their point? A company’s use of Energy should definitely be included on the list of potential targets for slimming, trimming and generally improving one’s business focus.

So how does Schneider Electric do this then? By “combining leading edge new businesses- building automation and security, installation systems and control, power monitoring and control, critical power and cooling services – to our historical strengths of power and control, we provide you with comprehensive unique answers for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and networks markets.”

The Benefits of Increased Energy Efficiency: Schneider Electric Consulting
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Schneider Electric’s reach is global, so this isn’t merely an EU or a UK phenomenon. The solutions they work to implement into a business help to reduce costs, increase connectivity to the power grid, and ultimately “tap into an ultra pure, secure and uninterrupted power supply.” Sound promising? Check these statistics out:

  • 72 % of world energy is consumed by infrastructure, industry, buildings and residential markets.
  • Up to 30% the energy savings that we can provide these markets with thanks to current energy efficiency solutions.
  • Schneider Electric’s Bottom Line

    Here is the main message available on the company’s website: “Today, energy is at the heart of every ones concern. More than ever, the current situation compels each and everyone to achieve more while using fewer resources. […] Schneider Electric makes energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. How? Simply by making energy visible, [giving] you the means to act to optimize its consumption.” Knowledge is power, literally.

    The main way the business offers green solutions is to see where existing companies can connect easily to green, clean and renewable energies where they currently may not be. Developing energy through renewable means is key to sustainability for any business, and therefore, the planet as well. Schneider Electric makes “energy green by enabling easy connection and installation of renewable energies.”

    Learn more about Schneider Electric by clicking here.

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