Savings Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

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Energy Efficiency in the Home: Tankless Water Heaters

benefits of tankless water heater

If you’re looking for improved efficiency in the home, and you’ve already done your home energy audit, replaced old windows and doors, insulated the attic and or basement and more, the next place to turn is definitely your water use. With plenty

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of researchers already telling of water shortages in the near future, does it really make sense to waste water on extra long showers? Probably not.

But there’s more that can be done to reduce water use and to make the most out of the energy that goes into heating the water we use, especially when you consider ever-developing new water heater technology. If you’re home doesn’t yet have a hybrid or tankless water heater, and you’re still using a conventional water heater to keep hot water available in the home, it’s time to take a look at upgrading. And it doesn’t have to put you out of pocket for thousands and thousands of dollars, either.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters: How They Work

Tankless and hybrid water heaters function in such a way where they are able to heat water when it is in demand, rather than maintaining gallons and gallons of water at a high temperature, whether there is a need for it or not. We’re talking about as many as 100 gallons of hot water, when it comes to how conventional water heaters in the home work.

energy savings and financial benefits

Think this will save a lot of money each month on your energy or gas bill? Well you’re correct. And what’s more, people who have installed tankless or hybrid water heaters in the home also save money when it comes to general maintenance and repairs, and tankless water heaters are less likely to break down.

If you have a large family, and two adults need to shower for work in the morning, while several kids have to also shower for school at the same time, then perhaps you’re no stranger to the notion that no matter how hard you try, your conventional water heater simply runs out of hot water. This leaves the last person (or two, or three!) to make it to the shower with a painfully cold morning wake up call. With tankless water heaters, you’ll have hot water on demand, whenever the situation calls for it.

For those of you looking to save money on your monthly energy bills, it’s entirely possible to cut the costs of your monthly water bills in half. Built to last in most cases, tankless water heaters outlast the conventional competition, holding on strong in the home often for a couple of decades. Smaller in size, you’ll also be happy to know you just earned a new pantry, closet, or storage area in the home, when you replace the conventional water heater with a tankless unit.

And you’re not on your own when it comes to affording a switch from conventional to tankless or hybrid unit — at least not if you live in California. While there may be rebates available for residents of other states and counties, California residents will be happy to know that there is the chance to get $1500 back with the Flex Path Rebate program that is available through the state’s PG&E entity.

Information Around the Web on Tankless Water Heater Benefits
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And remember that when you install a tankless water heater in your California home, you qualify for the CA Flex Path Rebates.


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