Save Power and Save Money With Juice Press

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Computer Lab Solutions for Large-Scale Networks and Computer Environments

If you’ve been at college and stepped through a gigantic computer lab while all the machines are running, or if you work at a large company with a massive network of computer terminals, then you don’t have to image just how much power is being used, almost constantly.

Juice Press Software for Green Management of Large Computer Environments

According to the company, JuicePress optimizes any computer lab’s energy efficiency by offering an easy to manage software solution that allows companies, universities, etc., to only power on computer when it’s necessary, and then to switch to a power save mode when that time is over. Further, “JuicePress schedule editor allows you to establish detailed power schedules for entire labs and for individual computers,” thereby increasing computer lab efficiency with precision.

Using the software, computer lab engineers can also help out the bottom line with the information that is accessible, including the ability to find out how and when the computers are using energy; the software issues reports that give information about how much power has been used,” allowing anyone concerned with a company’s energy usage to achieve optimal energy efficiency.


  1. I think this would have some application at my workplace. Our machines stay on all day and night, everyday and night. The only power saving we have is the monitor going to sleep. Most of us just lock the computer and leave, so it’s even still processing. If I had admin privileges I would change the setting of my machine, but I’ll have to leave things like this up to The Man.

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