One Man's Trash – Reuse Groups Recycle Old Goods

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What Are Reuse Groups
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Everyone could use a closet cleaning now and again. In fact, there is a good chance your closet is full of clothes waiting to make a comeback, or the extra computer monitor, or some kitchen supplies you got as a gift (don’t worry, Aunt Mildred will never know you don’t actually like rice).

Freecycle — The Poor Man’s Salvation Army

Instead of throwing out everything in the trash, the more eco-friendly option would be to find a recycle group online. The Freecycle Network is one of the biggest online organizations that sets people up in community groups so they can exchange their old goods. Thousands of mini groups have been created and it’s free to join.

The way it works is that you simply exchange your stuff for someone else’s, without trying to sell it. For instance, trade up your old TV for a new cell phone, or take that slightly worn coffee table and give it to someone who can use it right away instead of waiting for a charity group like Salvation Army to come pick it up from your home.

Why Recycle With a Reuse Group?

What makes something like Freecycle so amazing is how much you can get for absolutely nothing. You can give or take as much as you want, depending on how quickly you can respond to offers to recycle goods. This frees up your wallet and keeps you from buying newly manufactured items.

Each time you buy a new shirt or book or electronic device, carbon emissions are sent into the atmosphere, thereby heating the atmosphere and subsequently warming the planet. Additionally, reuse groups keep stuff out of overflowing landfills. Recycling goes beyond taking in your bottles and cans — it extends to the way you view consumerism and how you can take your old goods and put them to a new use.

Other Ways to Recycle Old Stuff

If you cannot find a group near you, it’s easy to start one with Freecycle permission. If you feel like they are not the reuse group for you, check out some other places, such as Commuto. Remember that Goodwill and other charity groups have been taking donations for decades, or you can just host an old-fashioned garage sale and barter your way towards some extra money. eBay is also great for getting rid of your things, as long as it’s all in excellent condition.

For more on how to join a reuse group, click here.

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