Redmond, Oregon's Altrec Outdoor Sporting Company

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 Altrec Knows the Great Outdoors

Altrec Outdoor Gear, Redmond, OR

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the night in the great outdoors, compliments of the western Cascade mountains about an hour outside of Portland, OR. It doesn’t take much out there, especially in Oregon when it’s sunny and not too hot, to develop the bug real quick for some much needed getaway time, relaxing out in nature. We were able (very fortunately!) to borrow EVERYTHING from friends, and after a great trip, we got to thinking… should we start stocking up on supplies?

Tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, something to put a ton of water in, a blow-up mattress if you miss your bed whenever it’s not around, the list goes on and on and on. And stocking up could potentially mean thousands of dollars spent in a not too short amount of time. So what do you do if this bug has bitten you?

Do a Google Search, or Just Land on Altrec’s Website Instead

Western Cascades, Oregon

Altrec claims to share my very new, but very sincere passion for the outdoors, so we’re on the same page from the get-go. Ordering online has become far too easy when it comes to trying to save money, so for most people, it won’t bother you that they’re entirely online. If it does bug you, go to an outdoors equipment store, look at the tents, hold on to the sleeping bags, get down with the pots and pans, and bring a pad and a pen. Make a list of the gear that you like the most, and then go get it online.

Composed of a team of fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Altrec employees will be there to help you out, and bring plenty of knowledge to the table because they use all the gear that’s in their stores. Since 1997, this has been the case. Their sincere belief is that “spending time in the outdoors can offer deep places of reflection, adventure, satisfaction, and discovery in many aspects of our humanity.” Sounds like a pretty well-balanced view on life.

Headquarters of, a Privately Held Company

725 SW Umatilla Ave.
Redmond, OR 97756
Phone: 541-316-2400

 The Evolution of Altrec as a Major Brand

Altrec is apparently a well-known brand, and claims to be as well-known as some of the great brands that they carry, including The North Face, Patagonia, and more. At some point along the way, the acquired, further bolstering their credibility among die-hards in the outdoor sporting space. Selling, educating, celebrating all that is nature.

Perks of the site include free shipping every single day on orders of $48 or more, and tons of great coupons that can knock another 25% off your bill, if you are a decent enough discount hunter. Fast service, great prices, Live Chat on the website if you need any help. If you’re in the market for the discounts, then Click here for Altrec deals on outdoor gear, and good luck to ya. Major brands stock the “shelves,” so don’t worry about them not carrying something you’ve got your eye on. And if you’re a serious bargain hunter, you’ll want to visit their site daily for the deal of the day, redeemable til midnight PST.

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  1. Once you get ‘the bug’ it is hard to shake. However online ordering is easier than going to the store except you have to take the word of the writer to believe you are getting a good deal. We bought all our camping gear from hurricanecamping[dot]com as they not only have more than 50 yrs experience camping in the Pac Northwest, but are willing to talk on the phone and discuss places where they know you can get gear they don’t carry but highly recommend.

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