Recycling Tips and Eco Gadgets for Around the Office

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Going Green in the Workplace: Make It Easy and Fun

eco office gadget: pocket solar powerIt’s very nearly Christmas. And it’s the end of the year, too, which means time for holiday parties and bonuses, meant to celebrate the hard work and dedication of your company’s loyal employees. Sure, you’re busy planning the ultimate Christmas party, and busy signing those extra last-minute checks, but with a little bit of extra time in your schedule, why not try to go over a few extra things before the year is over.

First, take stock of your office policies, with regard to the environment. How did recycling in the office go? Paper use? Digital files over paper ones? Employee commuting practices? Did you manage to adopt a company-wide policy to use and recycle toner cartridges for your office printers? Well, if you weren’t able to get to implementing a robust policy to make your office more green this year, then take the time to a make a list of policies that you will put into effect in 2013. And what about using the employee bonus time as another way to establish that eco-attitude before it’s the New Year? How about giving cool eco-friendly gadgets for the office, together with or in lieu of money?

Eco-Friendly and Hi-Tech Office Gadgets for Executives

When you’re looking to get your company a bit more green, or your executive sales team members are those high-roller types who seem to have it all, why not invest in the planet’s future, while simultaneously investing in your employees? Let’s take a look at a handful of really amazing eco-gadgets that anyone in the work place will be sure to love and appreciate.

The picture heading off this article shows Solio, a pocket-sized portable solar charger that can keep the juice flowing to all of your employees’ handheld mobile devices, including phones and MP3 players. The Solio is available in a few different models, and they won’t break the bank, but will be just special enough to let your employee know you actually gave them a gift that can be valued, and used often.

If you’re office workers are on the road a lot, or visiting clients and bringing along their laptops in order to show off your company’s work, then consider giving even the newest of your employees the Eco USB stick. Because users tend to go through portable memory and thumb drives so quickly, and many of them either become corrupted or just end up in the trash, recycling never seems to be a priority. But with the EarthDrive eco-friendly USB stick, the housing of the device is made of biodegradable polyester that the company claims to find its origins in renewable materials (corn!). It is also fully recyclable.

If you’re looking to make a real splash and you want to gift a special employee with something very unique, then consider picking up the Voltaic Generator backpack, which has the ability to charge your employee’s laptop while on the go. Once the device has been charged via the backpack’s solar panels, the remaining unused power remains housed within the battery pack insider the backpack. That’s right. A built in solar panel woven into the fabric, which is made from soda bottles that have been recycled. Some of these models retail for between $100-$200, as well, so they won’t necessarily break the bank if your business has put in another good year.

Getting your employees to be more green around the office can start with a few simple gestures that come from the top down. When you have the chance to give a reward or two this holiday season, consider some of the options mentioned here, and see the shift that takes place around the office, with regard to the environment.

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