Purbliss Soy Candles

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PURBLISS Eco-Friendly Soy Candles: Company Profile
by Anela Selkowitz
Purbliss Soy Candles
Begot in Corona, California, Purbliss is one of the smelliest (in a good way) and smallest of family start-ups that I may have ever seen taking the country by Green storm. It was challenging enough to have to choose between one candle and another but now with soy, Green alternative candle company Purbliss is one of the clearest (and cleanest) options available today.

Green, Soy Candles: Purbliss Origins

The Bence family started Purbliss in March of 09′ and run their small business out of the family home. Candle making seems to be happening everywhere from the kitchen to the garage, and although none of their candles are currently burning, the house is always filled with a killer cacophony of smells.

Purbliss currently offers over 28 unique scents from their two soy candle lines, “Euphoric” and “Foodie”, each in three sizes ranging from $7 bucks to $24.

The Two Candle Lines of Purbliss Soy Candles

The cleaner floral fragrances come from Purbliss’ Euphoric line. Scents like “White Gardenia” and “Clean Cotton” are sure to appeal to every mom’s good taste. Candles from this line can also be used as moisturizers and massage oils (hell yeah) as all natural essential oils are used to scent them.

The more popular and mouth-watering scents from Purbliss’ Foodie line include “Banana Bread,” “Fruit Punch,” and “Nutty Caramel” and seem to actually make your stomach growl a little. If you’re feeling just a little reckless, don’t be shy, go ahead and take a bite; organic soy won’t harm you none, although we can’t guarantee the taste as easy we can the smell.

“We’re a pretty tiny family start-up — there’s 8 of us”, adds Father Purbliss, owner Frank Bence. “I was laid-off for the second time within a year so we decided to just try something different, something good and Green, but something we could also easily do from home with the family. Our kids are artists and hippies and that’s where the idea originally came from. Now we’re getting Internet orders; people really like this stuff. It’s wonderful and it’s Eco-friendly which makes it all the better.”

Why Soy Candles Like Purbliss Candles Are Better

If you’re not familiar with soy there’s a lot you should know. First off, regular wax candles are made with a petroleum by-product called Paraffin. Paraffin is the reason you get that black smoke stain on your ceiling after burning “normal” wax candles. Paraffin is also what creates that icky smell when you blow candles out. That smell alone is sometimes so strong and lingering that it practically cancels-out the reason you would burn a scented candle in the first place.

These candles are made without the use of Paraffin. Our soy wax is a renewable, sustainable, and completely Green product made in the U.S. without pesticides or from genetically modified crops. The burn times for Purbliss soy candles are much longer than with any “normal” wax candle as a result. Plus, there’s no soot or smoke. And if you make an accidental spill, Purbliss soy wax cleans up easy with just soap-and-water.

Purbliss offers online discounts for the Candle-Of-The-Month, an ever-changing, randomly chosen scent, and if you know anyone who’s getting hitched, they also do customized wedding favors for your tables.

Personal Favorites: Recommendations for Purbliss Soy Candles

After sniffing all 28 scents, I finally narrowed it down and chose my personal favorites to take home, “Lemongrass,” “Citrus Herb,” and “Cucumber Melon” — all fragrances from the Euphoric line. I’m sure when my husband finds out, he’ll be thrilled to know they can all be used for that hour long massage he owes me tonight.

If you’d like to make a purchase online, here’s an extra bonus. Use the coupon code PUR-ANELA during your checkout and recieve 20% off your entire order with NO minimum purchase. Enjoy!

This Company Profile and Editorial is direct from Anela Selkowitz, whose family owns and operates Purbliss. EW2GG is not affiliated in any way with Purbliss, but does entirely stand behind the company and their products!


  1. These are kick-ass candles. Some of the best scents I’ve ever smelled. Oh I love the new Cranberry!!!!!

  2. I just wanted to say these are awesome candles. I received some to review/check out for our site and let me tell you these candles have such an amazing smell. You NEVER have to worry with these candles whether you are going to smellt he scent or not because….you do and it is awesome!!! Plus, being soy is much better for you regarding not having any toxins and such..my suggestion is purchase a few and see for yourself you will NOT be disappointed!!

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