Phoenix Air Conditioning — Energy Conservation Secrets

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Phoenix Air Conditioning — Energy Conservation Secrets
Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners
When it comes to eco-friendly air conditioning, universal energy saving tips are pretty easy to follow. In general, you want to purchase HVAC equipment that bears the ENERGY STAR logo, schedule routine maintenance and conduct any necessary repairs.

While these more common tips can do wonders for lowering energy bills and reducing fossil fuel consumption, many residents of Phoenix want to go beyond the basics. In Phoenix, air conditioning is utilized more often than any other city in the U.S. As a result, dependence on fossil fuels has become a local concern.

You need to get a little more creative with energy efficiency in order to bear the fruit of eco-friendly air conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Learn how to conserve energy and keep those utility bills in check with a few secrets to more efficient Phoenix A/C.

Reduce Usage of Phoenix A/C Service Equipment With Fans

In the general sense, you probably already know that fans can help lower your dependence on Phoenix A/C service equipment. However, if you’re incorporating fans to reduce energy consumption, there are some important rules to follow.

First off, fans require energy to run. Many people make the mistake of perpetually operating their ceiling fans and oscillating fans, even when a room is vacant.

Fans circulate air. They cool people, not the air in the room. Be sure to turn them off whenever you leave.

Next, if you have a whole house fan, avoid running it along with your Phoenix air conditioning unit. In operating both units at the same time, you push the conditioned air out, causing the A/C system to work harder on cooling your home.

Smart air conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona involves properly rotating your usage between the A/C equipment and whole house fan. Run air conditioning during the hottest times of the year and revert to the whole house fan when temperatures cool down.

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona — Keep Your Thermostat Cool

The thermostat for your Phoenix air conditioning system contains heat sensors. Any contact with heat producing equipment will cause the A/C service unit to run more frequently than it should. Keep lamps, computers, televisions and other appliances away from the thermostat.

Air Conditioning Phoenix, Arizona — The Benefits of Natural Shade

Planting trees around your property provides natural shade for your home, which can keep you cooler inside and reduce the need for air conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Another trick is to place your central A/C equipment in an area that provides plenty of shade. In doing so, the system has a much easier time cooling your home.

When it comes to air conditioning, Phoenix, Arizona is a tough place to live without. However, with a little ingenuity, you can still be responsible about energy consumption and save money at the same time.

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  1. Here are tips to save your central air conditioner from damage and last longer.

    Set your thermostat at 78 F or higher.

    Use bath and kitchen fans sparingly when the air conditioner is operating to avoid pulling warm, moist air into your home.

    Dirt build-up on the indoor coil is the single most common cause of poor efficiency.

    The outdoor coil must also be checked periodically for dirt build-up and cleaned if necessary. So, check and clean both the indoor and outdoor coils. The indoor coil in your air conditioner is wett and it tend to attract foreign object to it.

    Reduce the cooling load by shade east and west windows. When possible, delay heat-generating activities, such as cooking and dishwashing, until evening on hot days.

    keep the house closed tight during the day. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity.

    I read this tips from some website. I’m not remember it.

  2. Great tips for homeowners in any warm climate! Another good tip is to change out your AC’s filter every three months during the cooling season. Your AC will have a longer lifespan and operate more efficiently, and you will breathe healthier air. For more tips on saving energy & money with your AC, appliances, and water heater this summer, check out our blog post. Feel free to borrow any tips that might help your readers!

  3. With the current economic situation, it is indeed very important to conserve energy especially in the usage of some appliances. These tips that you have shared are indeed helpful. It also pays to only use the air conditioning system when really necessary. Thanks for sharing.

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