Permaculture Institute for Sustainable Farming & Agriculture

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The Permaculture Institute of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Permaculture Institute
The Permaculture Institute, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was originally founded in 1997 and finds its origins in the Permaculture Institute of Australia. It also has roots in what was regarded as the leading permaculture educational institution in the US, from which the organization developed. The Permaculture Institute’s mission is “to promote sustainable living skills through education, networking and demonstration projects. [They] facilitate networking among permaculture groups and projects in NM/Southwestern region and beyond.”

What Is Permaculture?

According to the Institute’s website, “Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor.” Practitioners assert lessons such as how to grow one’s own food, how to build natural homes, store and use rainwater, community build and restore diminished landscapes, among other things.

According to my own research, Permaculture as bot a word (and concept?) was originally created by Australian ecologists Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. As the obvious analysis would lead you to believe, as a word, it is a combination of “permanent” and “agriculture,” morphed together to become a concept greater than the sum of its parts. Some definitions note that Permaculture typically includes perennial agriculture (tree crops and food forests) within its practice. As a methodology in practice, Permaculture is a series of design strategies that can be applied to large farms, metropolitan areas, home gardens as well as the entire global economy.

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