Performing a Home Energy Audit to Discover Hidden Savings

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How Much Do Your Home Appliances Cost You?

Energy Saving Appliances

Whether you’re an “eco enthusiast” or even someone who doesn’t actively practice being eco-friendly, you will have, at some point, thought about your energy bills and how much your home appliances cost you… right?

I personally often think about the cost of my energy bills and how I can further reduce them. Whilst browsing the Internet I came across a website called, a site that allows you to compare the amount of energy your home appliances produce (by make and model) and see how much they cost you per day and also per year.

So, based on some information I collected from their site I thought I would post my findings by household room:

Living Room

  • TV – Lowest: £4.38, Highest: £114.75
  • DVD/ Blu Ray Players – Lowest: £1.88, Highest: £34.42


  • Washing Machine – Lowest: £32.56, Highest: £88.32
  • Tumble Dryer – Lowest: £24.47, Highest: £157.77
  • Dish Washer – Lowest: £36.24, Highest: £53.96
  • Microwave Oven (per 60 mins) – Lowest: 10.00p, Highest: 21.43p
  • Cooker – Lowest: £16.60, Highest: £26.70


  • Gaming Console – Xbox 360: £17.21, Playstation 3: £26.08
  • Smaller TV (19”) – Lowest: £4.38, Highest: £12.52
  • Computer – Lowest: £15.54, Highest: £101.51
  • Apple Mac – Lowest: £15.40, Highest: £18.38
  • Printer – Lowest: £1.20, Highest: £111.83

My Findings:

By doing some research I found that you can save quite a lot of money per year by looking in to the equipment and appliances you are buying, for instance as you can see from the living room section, some TVs cost you around £5.00 per year whilst others can cost you up to £115.00. Larger appliances can cost even more and run that electricity bill up even further.

I can see how researching every appliance you buy could be tiresome and even “boring” but I don’t know about yourself but then I am looking for something new I also jump on the internet and do a bit of research, read reviews and look for the cheapest price – so simply looking at the cost in electricity per year would take just a few seconds and possibly save you a tidy sum in the long run.


Looking for the most efficient appliances can save you in the long run. By researching a few different appliances, you will quickly see what I mean by this.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, have a look at what you’re buying – when you’re researching products you’re about to buy, just have a quick look at how much it will cost you over time. There’s savings to be had: As the popular saying goes “every little helps.”

So How Much Can You Save?

Lowest cost per year: £168.76
Highest cost per year: £634.62
Possible Savings – £565.86

“I am not saying that everyone will be able to save and as the note below states, the savings really depends on what your personal needs are but I can guarantee that by looking into what you’re buying, I am sure you can reduce your electricity bill.”

Please note: Any prices above are correct for the time in which this article was written. You may yourself find items with lower or higher cost outputs and although the prices above are factual, they are simply here to provide an overview. I recommend you carry out specific research based on the type, model and technology of the item you wish to purchase. Prices may vary depending on the use of household appliances/items and specific specifications of those appliances/items.

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Today’s post is brought to you by Michael from Solar Quote Provider – Michael is a regular writer and blogger with what can only be described as a genuine interest in everything renewable and eco-friendly. [Photo Via: switchboard]

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