Panoptix™ by Johnson Controls: The Solution for Building Efficiency

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Is Panoptix™ Actually the Solution for Building Efficiency?

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According to the Johnson Controls website, “The Panoptix™ solution puts an ever-expanding suite of apps, Live Guide™ experts, services and a connected community at your disposal.” And because of these features, “building efficiency has never been easier.” So just exactly what is the Panoptix by Johnson Controls?

Around the web, it seems that Panoptix™ is referred to as “an innovative, new approach to building efficiency to help building owners and operators achieve desired outcomes for their buildings.” So we dug around to see what we could find for our Green Tech and Green Gadgets audience.

Panoptix™ is all about complete building efficiency. In a nutshell, the owner of a building can optimize the efficiency of that building at the touch of his or her fingertips. And the solution here also means that not only is it easy to do, it’s also more cost-effective than it’s ever been in the past.

The Latest Technology Combined With Johnson Controls Expertise

Johnson Controls Panoptix Solution“Johnson Controls is known for innovations that improve building efficiency, sustainability and asset performance,” said Dave Myers president, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls. “What’s exciting is how we can now deliver these outcomes.”

Included in the Panoptix solution are 4 key elements, according to their website:

  • An open technology platform that makes it easy to collect and manage data from disparate building systems and other data sources such as meter and weather data
  • A suite of cloud-hosted building efficiency applications that work with any building management system, including Metasys® by Johnson Controls
  • Live Guide™ on-line and telephone support, plus on-site building and energy services, to help customers improve energy and operational efficiency
  • An on-line Panoptix Connected Community of peers and experts committed to sharing best practices, news and resources

So what are your goals? Are you looking to save more energy in your building? Are you committed to reducing your business’s carbon footprint? Are you concerned about the overall quality of the environment in which your employees work every day? Panoptix has the answers.

Live support, customizable components, easy-to-use elements all combine to make this solution something worth looking at for businesses both large and small.

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