Introducing: Organic Farm Food Database

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There Is a New Way to Find Local, Organic Farm Produce

Organic Food Farms Database

Organic Food Farms Database

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Summary: A new site launch seeks to connect organic growers with US consumers who believe in the health and environmental benefits of organically produced foods. The site is populated with over 14,000 small farms throughout the United States and is completely free.

New Site is Green, Growing and Incredibly Organic

Growing organic is a phenomenon that is expanding in North America. A return to the roots of our past may represent a path to the future as more people begin to realize the multiple benefits of locally grown food. One new website launch aims to facilitate the connection between those who want organic food and the farms that produce it.

The site, which launched November 2010, is known as the Organic Farm Food Database. It features a simple search form which allows you to locate nearby organic farms by city, address or postal code. The database currently has 14,667 listings which users can view through Google Maps.

There are two reasons why organic farming has become popular with both farmers and consumers. For the conscious farmer there is less damage to the environment when choosing all-organic farming methods. For the consumer there is a greater documented health benefit from produce that has not been subjected to harsh chemicals. Of course many also realize that organic food simply tastes better!

More Information About

  • Over 14 thousand organic farms in the database
  • Integrated with Google Maps for proximity searches
  • Search by city, address or postal code
  • Built by a university student in Victoria, BC in November 2010
  • 100% Free listings
  • Inspired by the documentary Food Inc.


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