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Sean Meenan, Habana Outpost

Sean Meenan, Habana Outpost

If you’re in the NY area, then perhaps you saw this article on going green already — but if not, then it’s a great read regardless of where you find yourself. Sure, if you’re in the States, then it might not be that large of an overstatement to say that NYC is in the country’s consciousness on some level, but I may be wrong. Either way, it’s nice to see a city who may be better known for hundreds of things besides going green, putting a little green spotlight on some of its denizens’ efforts.

The story is about Sean Meenan, owner of the restaurant called Habana Outpost, an ecologically conscious operation located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. According to the article, the “Habana Outpost is among the leaders in New York’s growing collection of eco-restaurants. The environmentally conscious restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is open from Earth Day until Halloween and boasts solar panels that funnel excess electricity to buildings nearby. Signs list the Outpost’s environmental bona fides.”

Taking a tour with the owner around the restaurant, the journalist Diane Cardwell mentions her taking in of the establishment’s solar panels, the rainwater-collection system that feeds the restaurant’s toilets, a recycling and composting station, wheat-board wall paneling and corn-based plastic cups. “There was even a blender powered by a bicycle,” she writes.

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