Northwest Natural Gas: Serving Sustainably in the Pacific Northwest

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Use Less, Offset the Rest: Smart Gas in Oregon

NW Natural Smart Energy Program

NW Natural Smart Energy Program

According to NW Natural, they are officially “taking responsibility to plan for our customer’s sustainable energy future,” and their Smart Energy program assumes a significant portion of that lofty plan. As the company transitions over to a more sustainable model that is friendlier on the environment, they have also commited to “reducing fossil fuel impact on local and global environments today.” They plan to continue “promoting more efficient energy use and environmental stewardship,” and in order to accomplish this, “NW Natural is doing its part to limit carbon emissions and slow or stop the greenhouse effect,” which they acknowledge openly as a element contributing negatively to global climate change.

More from the NW Natural website: “In 2007, we became our own first Smart Energy customer, when we signed up for the program. We committed to offsetting 100 percent of the CO2 associated with our natural gas heating use for the next five years. We estimate our Smart Energy participation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 6,160 tons of CO2. With additional contributions from customers like you, together we can offset thousands of tons of carbon dioxide.”

More About Smart Energy™ from NW Natural.

NW Natural Gas has created a program called Smart Energy that can assist customers who have an eye on saving the environment, and minimizing their own carbon footprint. And best news of all? They’ve made it easy to take advantage of. We like green and we like simple green even more. Customers only have to take their current bill, and choose to contribute a small part of their gas bill each month to offset whatever greenhouse gases are associated with their own private gas usage. So use the gas, clean up after yourself, environmentally speaking. If only we could all do things like this — it’s like buying a six-pack and then recycling it, only we’re talking about your utility bill.

According to the website, “Your investment will go toward funding biogas projects in our region, capturing methane emitted from cow waste and turning it into a renewable energy source. It’s an easy way to make your natural gas use “climate neutral” and help fight climate change.”

Here are the facts on biogas: typical cows produce more than one hundred pounds of waste each day, bad to smell and bad for our environment. The cow manure produces methane, a common and powerful greenhouse gas. But that’s not the only news — this methane can be captured and used in renewable energy efforts. “With 14 million pounds of cow waste generated in Oregon each day, there’s a lot of potential energy just waiting to be utilized.”

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