New White House Support for Biofuels

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More Support for Biofuels From the President
Biofuels Interagency Working Group
On Tuesday, those on the edge of their seats waiting to hear exactly what the Administration would have to say on the subject of biofuels were given their first dose of information. In their first statement to the public, no less than 3 cabinet members revealed the details of a plan that would provide aid to corn ethanol producers — shielding them from the current credit crisis.

The Biofuels Interagency Working Group

The Cabinet members also included as part of this plan, an outline for farmers to begin slowing down both their natural gas usage as well as their coal use (as it is involved with ethanol production). As a complement to this plan, they also outlined a proposal to begin luring the American auto industry into the world of Green Cars: with the increased production of ethanol-driven vehicles also on the table. This would include cars that can run on 85% concentrations of ethanol-based fuels.

The Cabinet members included representatives from the Departments of Agriculture and Energy, as well as the administrator of the EPA. Tom Vilsack, Stephen Chu and Lisa Jackson together formed what is now being called the “Biofuels Interagency Working Group.”

Biofuels Interagency Working Group New Initiative Goals

Listed among the federal government’s several goals:
* Refinancing Biodiesel and Ethanol Factories (where credit issues have arisen in recent past)
* Loan Guarantees for New Bio-Refinery Construction
* Funding Assistance for Cellulosic Crop (non-food based crops that could be converted to fuel on the level that might provide some real assistance in the effort to create a greener energy source) Producers

Where it gets a bit more murky? Good luck finding clear, straightforward consensus opinion among scientists (leading or otherwise) on exactly how positive the effects of ethanol based fuels (from corn, primarily) on carbon emissions reduction.

Read more on this in a story by By Matthew L. Wald in the NY Times Green Inc. blog.
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