New Technology Gives The “PURE Glass Bottle” A CLEAR Advantage

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PRESS RELEASE:  Reusable Beverage Bottle PURE Makes Headlines
This press release appears here in its entirety.

PURE glass bottles(Baltimore Maryland) – For most people, glass bottles are the preferred choice of a drink container for better taste, cleanliness and fewer health risks. But the challenge with glass has always been its durability and the risk of shattering – that is until now. PURE Glass Bottle is a new portable re-usable glass drinking bottle that allows people to enjoy that pure taste of their favorite beverage in glass without worrying about spills or injury resulting from broken glass.

Patent pending “SafeShell” technology is used to apply a clear protective coating to the outside of the glass bottle to create a protective covering. If the glass does break, the coating encapsulates all the glass and liquid preventing messes and injuries from the breakage.

The exterior of the bottle remains smooth to the touch so it can be disposed of or recycled safely and easily.

“The SafeShell technology alleviates peoples’ fear of carrying glass bottles outside of the home,” says PURE Glass Bottle, Inc. President Walt Himelstein. The bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free. The coating is also slip resistant making it easier to handle than other re-usable glass bottles.

Although no glass container is shatter-proof, the PURE Glass Bottle is shatter-resist ant and much tougher to break than standard glass. The product was designed to help consumers save money and the environment by reusing the bottles over and over again, thereby eliminating the need to buy bottled drinks. The wide mouth design of the PURE Glass Bottle makes it easy to add ice, protein powder, water flavoring or any beverage.

Two styles are available: the 17.5 oz Traveler; and the 25 oz Explorer. Both styles come with a selection of convenient tops and handles.  The bottles can be purchased for $19.95.  The entire product line and additional information is available at

**Business can promote their company or favorite charity by private labeling the PURE Glass Bottle.  SafeShell Technology can be licensed by companies that want to apply the coating to glass bottles for other commercial uses.

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